Beyond Leadership (eBook, PDF) - Eacott, Scott
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  • Verlag: Springer Singapore
  • Erscheinungstermin: 6. November 2017
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  • ISBN-13: 9789811065682
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Part I: The relational turn in contemporary thought and analysis.- 1 From "leading" to "organizing".- 2 The relational turn in the social sciences.- 3 Towards relations in educational administration theory.- Part II: The relational extensions.- 4 Embedded and embodied auctors.- 5 Beyond "leadership".- 6 The matter of context.- 7 Overcoming analytical dualisms.- 8 Productive thinking.- Part III: Dialogue and debate.- 9 Advancing the intellectual development of the field.- 10 Relational leadership: New thinking or established ideas in "new clothes".- 11 Relational goods, democracy, and the paradox of epistemic Privilege.- 12 Educational administration and the relational approach: Can we suffice contextual-based knowledge production.- 13 Productive conversations from a feminist perspective.- 14 Thinking relationally about the school leader.- 15 Engaging with educational leadership relationally.- Part IV: Moving forward.- 16 Responding to commentaries.- 17 Advancing the relational program.

"This book provides extensive historical foundations for contemporary studies in educational administration. ... Thus, the book gives readers a sophisticated analytic lens that includes not only a dominant paradigm but also alternative ones with which to understand scholarship in the field. ... it contributes to stimulating our critical and innovative thinking in the field of educational leadership internationally." (Taeyeon Kim, Journal of Educational Administration and History, August, 2018)