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Preface.- 1 Introduction: The naturalistic attitude cannot grasp meaning for consciousness.- Part I: Defining phenomenology and pure psychology.- 2 Phenomenology and meaning for consciousness.- 3 Two interpretative positions in phenomenology.- 4 The reflective method of the pure psychology of consciousness.- 5 Concluding on the ideals of the things themselves.- Part II: The findings on meaning for consciousness.- 6 Concluding on biopsychosocial essences.- 7 The being of consciousness.- 8 The pure psychology of meaning.- 9 Consciousness in its habitat of other consciousness.- Part III: Applying pure psychology to psychotherapy and mental health care.- 10 Formulations of intentionality.- 11 On meta-representation: The theoretical and practical consequences of intentionality.- 12 Two telling examples about belief and time.- 13 A formulation of the ego and its context.- 14 Formulating syndromes.- 15 On being unable to control variables in intersubjectivity.- 16 Conclusion.- Bibliography.- Name index.- Subject index.