Husserl and Heidegger on Reduction, Primordiality, and the Categorial (eBook, PDF) - Theodorou, Panos
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Part I Introduction.- Chapter 1 Introduction.- Part II Method and Possibilities of Phenomenology.- Chapter 2 The Phenomenological Reductions in Husserl's Phenomenology.- Chapter 3 Heidegger and the Phenomenological Reductions in Husserl.- Part III Key Husserlian Teachings And Heidegger's View.- Chapter 4 Perception And 'Action': On The Praxial Structure of Intentional Consciousness.- Chapter 5 Perceptual and Scientific Thing: On Husserl's Analysis of "Nature-Thing" in Ideas.- Chapter 6 Primordial Givenness in Husserl and Heidegger.- Chapter 7 The Question of 'Categoriality' in Husserl's Analysis of Perception and Heidegger's View of It.- Part IV Heidegger's Advancement and Course.- Chapter 8 Husserl's Doctrine of "Categorial Intuition" and Heidegger's Seinsfrage.- Chapter 9 The Phenomenology of Anxiety and Nothing: Ontology and Logic in Heidegger.- Part V Phenomenology at its Limits.- Chapter 10 Hence and Thence Phenomenology's Borderline.- Bibliography.