Iolanthe - Isidore Godfrey/D'Oyly Carte Opera Chrous And Orchestra
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  • Anzahl: 2 Audio CDs
  • Anzahl: 2 Audio CDs
  • Erscheinungstermin: 7. Juli 2003
  • Hersteller: Naxos,
  • EAN: 0636943123126
  • Artikelnr.: 20043479
CD 1
1Iolanthe: Overture
2Iolanthe: Act I: An Arcadian Landscape between 1700 and 1882: Chorus: Tripping hither, tripping thither (Chorus, Celia,
3Iolanthe: Act I: Invocation: Iolanthe! From thy dark exile (Queen, Celia, Lelia, Iolanthe)
4Iolanthe: Act I: Song: Good morrow, good mother (Strephon, Chorus)
5Iolanthe: Act I: Ensemble: Fare thee well, attractive stranger (Queen, Fairies)
6Iolanthe: Act I: Good morrow, good lover (Phyllis, Strephon)
7Iolanthe: Act I: None shall part us from each other (Phyllis, Strephon)
8Iolanthe: Act I: Loudly let the trumpet bray! (Chorus)
9Iolanthe: Act I: The Law is the true embodiment (Lord Chancellor, Chorus)
10Iolanthe: Act I: My well-loved lord - Of all the young ladies I know (Phylis, Lord Tolloller, Lord Mountararat, Chorus)
11Iolanthe: Act I: Nay, tempt me not, Ballad: Spurn not the nobly born (Phyllis, Lord Tolloller, Lord Chancellor, Strephon
12Iolanthe: Act I: When I went to the bar (Lord Chancellor)
13Iolanthe: Act I: Finale (Strephon, Phyllis, Lord Mountararat, Iolanthe, Lord Tolloller, Lord Chancellor, Queen, Ensemble
CD 2
1Iolanthe: Act II: Palace Yard, Westminster - When all night long (Private Willis)
2Iolanthe: Act II: Strephon's a member of Parliament (Chorus of Fairies, Chorus of Peers)
3Iolanthe: Act II: When Britain really ruled the waves (Lord Mountararat, Chorus)
4Iolanthe: Act II: In vain to us you plead (Lelia, Celia, Fairies)
5Iolanthe: Act II: Oh, foolish fay (Fairy Queen, Chorus)
6Iolanthe: Act II: Though p'raps I may incur your blame (Lord Mountararat, Lord Tolloller, Phyllis, Private Willis)
7Iolanthe: Act II: Love, unrequited, robs me of my rest - When you're lying awake (Lord Chancellor)
8Iolanthe: Act II: If you go in (Lord Mountararat, Lord Chancellor, Tolloller)
9Iolanthe: Act II: If we're weak enough to tarry (Strephon, Phyllis)
10Iolanthe: Act II: My lord, a suppliant at your feet - He loves! (Iolanthe)
11Iolanthe: Act II: It may not be (Lord Chancellor, Iolanthe, Queen, Chorus of Fairies)
12Iolanthe: Act II: Finale (Phyllis, Iolanthe, Queen, Lord Chancellor, Lord Mountararat, Lord Tolloller, Ensemble)
13Iolanthe: Appendix: Pineapple Poll: Scene 1: Opening Dance
14Iolanthe: Appendix: Pineapple Poll: Scene 1: Pool's Solo
15Iolanthe: Appendix: Pineapple Poll: Scene 1: Pas de deux
16Iolanthe: Appendix: Pineapple Poll: Scene 1: Belaye's Solo
17Iolanthe: Appendix: Pineapple Poll: Scene 1: Pas de trois
18Iolanthe: Appendix: Pineapple Poll: Scene 1: Finale
19Iolanthe: Appendix: Pineapple Poll: Scene 2: Poll's Solo
20Iolanthe: Appendix: Pineapple Poll: Scene 2: Jasper's Solo
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