Ultimate Explanations of the Universe (eBook, PDF) - Heller, Michael
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MODELS.- Ultimate Explanations.- Problems with the Eternity of the Universe.- A Cyclical Universe.- A Looped Cosmos.- Continuous Creation Versus a Beginning.- Something Almost Out of Nothing.- The Quantum Creation of the Universe.- Ultimate Explanations.- ANTHROPIC PRINCIPLES AND OTHER UNIVERSES.- The Anthropic Principles.- Natural Selection in the Population of Universes.- The Anthropic Principles and Theories of Everything.- The Metaphysics of the Anthropic Principles.- Tegmark#x2019;s Embarrassment.- CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE.- The Drive to Understand.- The Metaphysics and Theology of Creation.- Creation and the Perpetuity of the Universe.- Controversies Over the Omnipotence of God.- Newton#x2019;s World.- Leibniz#x2019;s World.- The Initial Singularity and the Creation of the World.- Creation and Evolution.- Leibniz#x2019;S Question.
From the reviews:
"This reviewer was surprised to find an entire book devoted to 'ultimate explanations,' but understood more after learning about the author's credentials. ... The modern physics contributions are appropriate and up-to-date, e.g., inflation and the big bang. ... A valuable book for all college libraries. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Academic, general, and professional audiences, all levels." (K. L. Schick, Choice, Vol. 47 (11), July, 2010)