The Mountebanks/Suite Symphonique - Bbc Singers/Bbc Concert Orchestra/+
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CD 1
1The Mountebanks (Oper in 2 Akten) (Gesamtaufnahme)
2We are members of a secret society00:02:05
3Come all the maidens00:02:12
4If you please00:02:06
5Only think, a Duke and a Duchess00:02:43
6High Jerry ho!00:02:37
7Teresa, little word... Bedecked in fashion trim00:04:19
8It's my opinion00:02:23
9Upon my word, Miss00:03:15
10Fair maid, take pity00:05:01
11Tabor and drum00:04:17
12Those days of old00:03:08
13Alfredo hers?... When man in lovesick passion00:03:51
14Oh! Whither, whither00:04:10
15Come and take your places all00:02:41
16Attamen ex cunctis supra reliquisque notandum00:01:58
17Pretty maidens00:02:33
18Come and listen pretty ladies00:01:47
19Now all you pretty villagers00:03:00
20Appreciation of such skill00:03:28
CD 2
1Entr'acte (nach Alfred Celliers Melodie für Whispering Breeze)00:03:22
2I'd be a young girl if I could (2. Akt)00:02:05
3All alone to my eerie... Whispering breeze00:04:00
4If I can catch00:01:20
5Put a penny in the slot00:02:35
6When gentlemen are eaten up with jealousy00:02:25
7When your clothes, from your hat to your socks00:02:41
8Time there was00:05:12
9What does this mean00:04:40
10The Duke and Duchess00:04:04
11Where's my duck-a-deary?00:02:00
12In days gone by00:02:37
13So, I have found you00:02:20
14An hour? Nay, nay... When hungry cat00:03:39
15Oh please you00:01:23
16May it please your graces00:03:58
17Accursed sorcerer00:02:07
18Ophelia was a dainty little maid00:02:22
19Hope lived... My pride is bowed00:04:37
20Hold! Stay thy hand!00:02:15
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