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  • EAN: 3760107400048
  • Best.Nr.: 20771842
  • Artikeltyp: Musik
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  • Datenträger: CD
  • Erscheinungstermin: 17.02.2006
  • Hersteller: Harmonia Mundi
1Extinguish My Eyes...00:01:24
2When My Soul Touches Yours...00:02:13
3Music I Heard With You00:03:17
4What Lips My Lips Have Kissed00:04:18
5A Julia De Burgos00:03:18
6Nr. 1: Nature, The Gentlest Mother00:03:57
7Nr. 2: There Came A Wind Like A Bugle00:01:28
8Nr. 3: Why Do They Shut Me Out Of Heaven?00:02:02
9Nr. 4: The World Fells Dusty00:02:02
10Nr. 5: Heart, We Will Forget Him00:02:16
11Nr. 6: Dear March, Come In!00:02:04
12Nr. 7: Sleep Is Supposed To Be00:03:07
13Nr. 8: When They Come Back00:01:45
14Nr. 9: I Felt A Funeral In My Brain00:02:21
15Nr. 10: I've Heard An Organ Talk Sometimes00:02:02
16Nr. 11: Going To Heaven00:02:46
17Nr. 12: The Chariot00:03:11
18Nr. 1 Prelude: The Call - More Is Required - Love00:07:27
19Nr. 2: I Catch On Fire00:02:57
20Nr. 3: The Deepest Desire00:03:58
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