Sacred Ceremonies (Box-Set) - Smith,Wadada Leo/Laswell,Bill/Graves,Milfor
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CD 1
1Nyoto 1
2Nyoto 2
3Nyoto 3
4Lady Dodds In Congo Square
5Celebration Rhythms
6Poetic Sonics
7The Poet - Play Ebony, Play Ivory (For Henry Dumas)
CD 2
1Ascending The Sacred Waterfall - A Ceremonial Practice
2Prince - The Blue Diamond Spirit
3Donald Ayler's Rainbow Summit
4Tony Williams
5Mysterious Night
6Earth - A Morning Song
7Minnie Ripteron - The Chicago Bronzeville Master Blaster
CD 3
1Social Justice A Fire For Reimagining The World
2Myths Of Civilizations And Revolutions
3Truth In Expansion
4The Healer's Direct Energy
5Waves Of Elevated Horizontal Forces
6An Epic Journey Inside The Center Of Color
7Ruby Red Largo A Sonnet