Ernst Zermelo - Collected Works/Gesammelte Werke (eBook, PDF) - Zermelo, Ernst
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  • Verlag: Springer Berlin
  • Erscheinungstermin: 20.01.2010
  • Deutsch, Englisch
  • ISBN-13: 9783540793847
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Ernst Zermelo: A glance at his life and work.- Ernst Zermelo's curriculum vitae.- Zermelo 1901.- Zermelo 1904.- Zermelo 1908a.- Zermelo 1908b.- Zermelo 1909a.- Zermelo 1909b.- Zermelo 1913.- Zermelo 1914.- Landau 1917b.- Zermelo s1921.- Zermelo 1927.- D. König 1927b.- Zermelo 1929a.- Zermelo s1929b.- Zermelo 1930a.- Zermelo 1930b.- Zermelo s1930d.- Zermelo s1930e.- Zermelo 1930f.- Zermelo s1931b.- Zermelo s1931c.- Gödel 1931b.- Zermelo s1931d.- Zermelo s1931e.- Zermelo s1931f.- Zermelo s1931g.- Zermelo 1932a.- Zermelo 1932b.- Zermelo 1932c.- Zermelo s1932d.- Zermelo s1933b.- Zermelo 1934.- Zermelo 1935.- Zermelo s1937.- Zermelo s1941.
From the reviews: "Volume I covers set theory, the foundations of mathematics and pure mathematics ... . The papers are presented in their original language together with English translation on the opposite page, each one preceded by an introductory note commenting on the historical background, motivations, accomplishments, and influence. ... All in all, the volume is remarkable and a very welcome addition to the literature of collected papers in mathematics, of great interest also to philosophers, logicians, and historians of science." (José Ferreirós, Metascience, April, 2011) "The book under review is the first volume of a complete edition of the published works of Ernst Zermelo. It includes also selected correspondence and unpublished manuscripts. The edition appears in two volumes. ... papers have been published in languages in which they were originally written together with parallel English translations. They are proceded by introductory notes written by experts in the appropriate fields. Those notes are a crucial part of the edition. ... The volume has been published in a beautiful and careful way." (Roman Murawski, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1185, 2010)