Sound Of - Bellamy Brothers
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CD 1
1If I said you had a beautiful body (would you hold it against me)00:03:15
2Too much is not enough00:03:46
3Dancin' cowboys00:03:24
4Do you love as good as you look00:03:00
5Lie to you for your love00:03:31
6Feelin' the feelin'00:03:36
7Santa Fe00:03:41
8World's greatest lover00:04:08
9Big love00:03:19
10Hillbilly hell00:02:54
11Cowboy beat00:03:30
12Love by the moon00:02:53
13Can I come on home to you00:03:23
14We dared the lightning00:04:24
15Sugar daddy00:03:37
16I could be persuaded00:03:14
17What'll I do00:03:10
18She's awesome00:04:14
19The center of my universe00:03:22
20A hard way to make an easy livin'00:03:50
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CD 2
1For all the worng reasons00:03:45
2Kids of the baby boom00:03:14
3I love her mind00:03:17
4Old hippie00:04:04
5I need more of you00:03:35
6Crazy from the heart00:03:36
7Strong weakness00:03:25
8Redneck girl00:03:22
9Rip off the knob00:03:31
10Almost Jamaica00:03:34
11Big hair00:03:11
12After the storm00:04:27
13Desperadoes in love00:04:23
14Lovers live longer00:03:20
16She don't know that she's perfect00:04:23
17Back in the day00:04:01
20Country rap00:02:32
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