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CD 1
1So happy it hurts00:03:35
2Never gonna rain00:03:17
3You lift me up00:03:08
4I've been looking for you00:02:00
5Always have, always will00:03:46
6On the road00:02:48
7Kick ass00:05:37
8I ain't worth shit without you00:03:11
9Let's do this00:03:18
10Just like me, just like you00:02:10
11Just about gone00:02:50
12These are the moments that make up my life00:03:25
CD 2
1Summer of '6900:04:09
2(Everything I do) I do it for you00:06:27
3Run to you00:04:17
5Can't stop this thing we started00:04:39
6Cuts like a knife00:05:23
7Please forgive me00:05:12
8Straight from the heart00:03:31
9When you're gone00:03:21
10Here I am00:04:37
11Back to you00:04:27
12Have you ever really loved a woman00:04:50