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CD 1
1Take an old cold 'tater (And wait)00:02:50
2Pennies for papa00:03:01
3Country boy00:02:56
4My heart's bouquet00:02:50
5A-Sleeping at the foot of the bed00:02:43
6A rose from the bride's bouquet00:02:52
7Hillbilly fever00:02:55
8Walk chicken, walk00:02:24
9Out of business00:02:37
10I'm little, but I'm loud00:02:28
11Cold feet00:02:35
12It may be silly but ain't it fun00:02:34
13What about you00:03:00
14Sign by the highway00:03:16
15Poor little darlin'00:02:53
16They locked god outside the iron curtain00:02:40
17Lola Lee00:02:51
18They don't know nothin' at all00:02:33
19Just a closer walk with thee00:03:03
20No tears in heaven00:02:49
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CD 2
1Y'all come home00:02:46
2You better not do that00:02:36
3Out behind the barn00:02:23
4Take me as I am (Or let me go)00:02:36
5Blackeyed Joe's00:02:04
6Stinky passed the hat around00:02:09
7Salty boogie00:02:18
8When they got too rough (They're just right for me)00:01:53
9We could00:02:33
10I'm braver now00:03:04
11Hey worm (You wanna wiggle)00:01:58
12Big Sandy00:02:10
13Country boy bounce00:02:04
14Cornbread and buttermilk00:02:23
15Say it now00:02:23
16Raisin' the dickens00:02:02
17I never had the blues00:02:07
18Makin' the rounds00:02:16
19Family reunion00:02:14
20(I got a) Hole in my pocket00:02:31
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