Music For A While-Improvisations On Purcell - Pluhar,Christina/Jaroussky,Philippe/L'Arpeggiata
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1'Twas with a furlong (bearb. von Christina Pluhar)00:02:54
2Music for a while (bearb. von Christina Pluhar)00:05:54
3Strike the viol (bearb. von Christina Pluhar)00:03:57
4An evening hymn on a ground00:06:06
5In vain the am'rous flute00:04:33
6A prince of glorious race descended00:04:40
7O solitude, my sweetest choice00:05:23
8When I am laid in earth (bearb. von Christina Pluhar)00:05:03
9Wondrous machine (bearb. von Christina Pluhar)00:03:41
10Here the deities approve (bearb. von Christina Pluhar)00:04:47
11Ah! Belinda (bearb. von Christina Pluhar)00:04:10
12Hark! How the songsters of grove00:02:48
13One charming night (bearb. von Christina Pluhar)00:04:40
14Man is for the woman made00:01:17
15O let me weep00:07:18
16Curtain tune on a ground00:02:56