Her Heavenly Harmony-Profane Music From The Royal - The Queen's Six
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  • Anzahl: 1 Audio CD
  • Anzahl: 1 Audio CD
  • Erscheinungstermin: 8. Juli 2016
  • Hersteller: in-akustik,
  • EAN: 5060262790687
  • Artikelnr.: 45083824
1Hard by a crystal fountain00:03:02
2Arise, awake00:02:11
3The fauns and satyrs stripping00:04:11
4O ye tender babes00:01:19
5Like two proud armies00:01:35
6See, see the shepherds' Queen00:02:09
7O let me live for true love - O let me die for true love00:03:42
8No, No, Nigella00:01:46
9Compel the hawk00:02:53
10The eagle's force00:02:23
11Like as the doleful dove00:01:28
12The silver swan00:01:55
13Dainty fine bird00:02:34
14Now is the gentle season00:02:49
15Thule, the period of cosmography - The Andalusian merchant00:04:01
16Fair is the rose00:03:07
17Ye sacred muses00:03:24
18Cloris when as I woo00:02:31
19Death hath deprived me00:02:20
20Mars in a fury00:01:35
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