Caractacus Op.35/Severn Suite Op.87 - Howarth/Davies/Miles/Hickox/Lso & Chorus
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  • Anzahl: 2 Audio CDs
  • Erscheinungstermin: 1. August 2016
  • Hersteller: note 1 music gmbh,
  • EAN: 0095115245828
  • Artikelnr.: 45184840
CD 1
1Caractacus op. 35 (Kantate)
2Watchmen, alert! The King is here00:06:13
3Father!.. Sire and King00:02:22
4At eve to the greenwood, we wander'd away00:02:45
5On the ocean and the river00:02:41
6Rest, weary monarch00:03:10
7Tread the mystic circle round00:04:53
8Lord of dread and lord of pow'r00:02:36
9Bard, what read ye in the field?00:08:00
10Leap to light, my brand of fight00:05:19
11Hence, ere the Druid's wrath is woke00:03:08
12Woodland interlude00:01:59
13Come! Beneath our woodland bow'rs00:01:14
14O'er-arch'd by leaves the streamlet weaves00:03:43
15Last night beneath the sacred Oak00:01:43
16Come! Beneath our woodland bow'rs00:05:45
CD 2
1Wild rumours shake our calm retreat00:02:31
2When the glow of the evening had died from the hill00:02:34
3We were gather'd by the river00:02:22
4O my warriors, tell me truly00:04:24
5Captive Britons, see them! Hark00:04:22
6Processional music - The march triumphal thunders00:07:17
7Unbind his hands, silence the trumpets00:01:11
8Heap torment upon torment, woe on wor00:04:41
9Slay the Briton00:00:35
10I plead not for myself00:02:41
11Grace from the Roman!00:02:33
12The clang of arms is over00:05:02
13Severn Suite op. 87 (Fassung für Orchester)
142. Toccata (Tournament): Allegro molto -00:03:57
153. Fugue (The cathedral): Andante -00:04:03
164. Minuet (Commandery): Moderato -00:05:12
175. Coda: Lento00:02:16