The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones - Booth, Stanley
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'The one authentic masterpiece of rock 'n' roll writing' Peter Guralnick

'The one authentic masterpiece of rock 'n' roll writing' Peter Guralnick
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  • Erscheinungstermin: 14. Juni 2004
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Stanley Booth was born in Waycross, Georgia, USA. He graduated from what is now the University of Memphis. After living in New Orleans he returned to Memphis and started writing for a living. He wrote about such musical figures as Furry Lewis, Elvis Presley, B.B. King, Otis Redding, and then ventured to London, where, in 1968, he met and became friends with the Rolling Stones. In 1969, Booth accompanied the Stones on their tour of the US -- the one that ended with a killing at Altamont, California. Booth is also the author of a collection of pieces intentionally misspelled Rythm Oil, and a biography of Keith Richards called Keith: Till I Roll Over Dead.
Stanley Booth's book is the only one I can read and say, 'Yeah, that's how it was'. Keith Richards