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  • Erscheinungstermin: 17. März 2020
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Preface. 1. Approaches to Human Cognition. Part 1. Visual Perception and Attention. 2. Basic Processes in Visual Cognition. 3. Object and Face Recognition. 4. Perception, Motion and Action. 5. Attention and Performance. Part 2. Memory. 6. Learning, Memory and Forgetting. 7. Long-Term Memory Systems. 8. Everyday Memory. Part 3. Language. 9. Reading and Speech Perception. 10. Language Comprehension. 11. Language Production. Part 4.: Thinking and Reasoning. 12. Problem Solving and Expertise. 13. Judgement and Decision Making. 14. Inductive and Deductive Reasoning. Part 5. Broadening Horizons. 15. Cognition and Emotion. 16. Consciousness. Glossary. References.

Chapter 1: An introduction to classic studies in cognitive psychology
Michael Eysenck and David Groome Chapter 2: Attention: Beyond Cherry's (1953) cocktail party problem
Michael Eysenck Chapter 3: Perception: Beyond Gibson's (1950) direct perception
Vicki Bruce & Yoav Tadmor Chapter 4: Computational approaches to perception: Beyond Marr's (1982) computational approach to vision
George Mather Chapter 5: Perception and action: Beyond Goodale and Milner's (1992) separate visual pathways
Glyn Humphreys Chapter 6: Attention: Beyond Stroop's (1935) colour
word interference phenomenon
Colin MacLeod Chapter 7: Amnesia: Beyond Scoville and Milner's (1957) research on HM
Howard Eichenbaum Chapter 8: Working memory: Beyond Baddeley and Hitch's (1974) Working Memory
Robert Logie Chapter 9: Memory systems: Beyond Tulving's (1972) episodic and semantic memory
Michael Eysenck & David Groome Chapter 10: Encoding and retrieval: Beyond Tulving and Thomson's (1973) encoding specificity principle
James Nairne Chapter 11: Human problem solving: Beyond Newell, Shaw, & Simon's (1958) theory of human problem solving
Fernand Gobet & Peter Lane Chapter 12: Heuristics and biases: Beyond Tversky and Kahneman's (1974) Judgment under uncertainty
Klaus Fiedler & Momme von Sydow Chapter 13: Decision making under risk: Beyond Kahneman and Tversky's (1979) prospect theory
Ben Newell Chapter 14: Language: Beyond Chomsky's (1957) syntactic structures
Trevor Harley and Siobhan MacAndrew Chapter 15: Cognitive neuropsychology of language: Beyond Marshall and Newcombe's (1973) patterns of paralexia
Max Coltheart
'Eysenck and Keane have reached a remarkable and almost unprecedented seventh edition of their highly successful book, more than 30 years after the first edition so impressed teachers, researchers and students alike. This new edition has attained even greater depth and breadth on leading edge as well asimportant established areas of cognitive psychology while retaining its hallmark highly readable style.' - Robert Logie, University of Edinburgh, UK 'No better guide to cognitive psychology for students, or other readers, exists. It is comprehensive, accurate, and insightful.' - Philip Johnson-Laird,Princeton University, USA 'More than any other authors, Eysenck and Keane have followed the field of cognitive psychology over the last 30 years, and have managed to convey with simplicity and clarity the essential knowledge that has been gained, and the exciting changes associated with this ever-evolving field.' - Jonathan Grainger, Aix Marseille University, France 'This is the only handbook I know of that can be used both for an introductory course and a follow-up course after a general introduction to psychology. Not only are the empirical findings well covered and made up-to-date, they are also naturally embedded within the existing theoretical frameworks. The latter is a unique strength of the book. It makes the handbook so much richer than yet another collection of interesting and sensational findings without theoretical integration. This is a book I have recommended to many starting colleagues asked to teach a course of cognitive psychology.' - Marc Brysbaert, Ghent University, Belgium 'Eysenck and Keane cover the wide range of topics necessary for a sophisticated cognitive psychology text in a clear and straightforward manner, in lucid and unpretentious prose. Both the experimental and technical aspects as well as the content areas are explained on the basis of numerous well-chosen examples. Importantly, the authors also integrate many current references in an elegant way, providing an up-to-date account of the field. I wish I had had this when I was a student. Even my graduate students and post-docs will benefit from reviewing relevant chapters in this handbook.' - David Poeppel, Max-Planck-Institute, Frankfurt, Germany 'The 7th edition of Eysenck and Keane's outstanding text, Cognitive Psychology, shows a commanding understanding of how cognitive psychology has matured since its inception over 50 years ago. Written in a highly accessible style with additional impressive web site support it is a text that any student would benefit from using. Particularly impressive is the coverage of neuroscience and neuropsychology along with excellent sections on computational models of cognition. It shares the excitement of our rapidly evolving understanding of the mind and invites the reader to savour recent insights into the workings of vision, memory, problem solving, emotion, and the mysteries of consciousness. It will be the standard text for some years to come.' - Martin Conway, City University London, UK 'A new edition of Eysenck and Keane is always a cause for rejoicing among teachers of cognitive psychology. I have been using this text for longer than I wish to remember, and although as expected the material is brought up to date, the pedagogy and clarity of exposition also improve with each edition. The highest recommendation though is that my students tell me they find this book to be invaluable.' - Trevor Harley, University of Dundee, UK…mehr