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The Essential Mario Lanza
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CD 1
1Be My Love (from "The Toast of New Orleans")00:03:29
2Drink, Drink, Drink (From "The Student Prince") - 1991 Remastered00:03:15
3Act IV : La donna è mobile - 1991 Remastered00:02:04
4Danny Boy (Live)00:02:57
5Granada - 1991 Remastered00:03:54
6Because You're Mine (From "Because You're Mine") - 1991 Remastered00:03:29
7Ave Maria00:04:27
9The Loveliest Night of the Year (From "The Great Caruso") - 1991 Remastered00:03:34
10Song of India00:03:53
11Because - 1991 Remastered00:02:06
12O sole mio - 1991 Remastered00:02:29
13The Donkey Serenade (From "Firefly")00:03:02
14If I Loved You (from "Carousel") - 1991 Remastered00:03:29
15Serenade (From "The Student Prince") - 1991 Remastered00:03:45
16Funiculi, funicula00:02:32
17Golden Days (From "The Student Prince") - 1991 Remastered00:01:28
18Arrivederci, Roma (featured in "The Seven Hills of Rome") - 1991 Remastered00:03:18
19You'll Never Walk Alone00:02:54
20Beloved (From "The Student Prince") - 1991 Remastered00:03:08
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CD 2
1And This is My Beloved (from "Kismet")00:03:20
2Act II : Cielo e mar00:03:59
3Deep In My Heart, Dear (from "The Student Prince") - 1993 Remastered00:02:33
4Core 'ngrato - 1993 Remastered00:02:35
5Act II : Una furtiva lagrima00:04:12
6Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life00:02:51
7Canta pe' me - 1995 Remastered00:03:19
8Santa Lucia luntana - 1995 Remastered00:03:28
10With a Song in My Heart (from "Spring Is Here") - 1991 Remastered00:03:29
11Act IV : O paradiso! - 1993 Remastered00:02:58
12Temptation (from "Going Hollywood") - 1991 Remastered00:02:18
13Act I : Celeste Aida - 1991 Remastered00:04:21
14Fenesta che lucive - 1995 Remastered00:03:37
15A Night to Remember - 1991 Remastered00:02:51
16Non ti scordar di me - 1993 Remastered00:02:52
17Somewhere a Voice Is Calling - 1995 Remastered00:02:36
18Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise - 1991 Remastered (Live)00:03:37
19All the Things You Are (From "Very Warm for May") - 1991 Remastered00:03:17
20Passione - 1995 Remastered00:04:03
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