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CD 1
1Maple Leaf Rag00:03:07
2Orginal Rags00:04:39
3The Favorite (A Ragtime Two-Step)00:03:23
4The Easy Winners (A Ragtime Two-Step)00:04:52
5Peacherine Rag (A Ragtime Two-Step)00:03:18
6The Entertainer00:04:06
7The Strenuous Life (A Ragtime Two-Step)00:04:30
8Elite Symcopations00:03:27
9A Breeze from Alabama (March and Two-Step)00:04:15
10Palm Leaf Rag (A Slow Drag)00:03:02
11Weeping Willow (A Ragtime Two-Step)00:04:13
12The Cascades (A Rag)00:03:12
13The Sycamore (A Concert Rag)00:03:55
14The Chrysanthemum (An Arfo-American Intermezzo)00:04:58
15Leola (Two-Step)00:04:33
CD 2
1The Ragtime Dance (A Stop-Time Two-Step)00:03:49
2Nopareli (None to Equal) (A Rag and Two-Step)00:03:59
3Reflection Rag (Syncopated Musings)00:04:10
4Gladiolus Rag00:04:49
5Searchlight Rag (A Syncopated March and Two-Step)00:05:00
6Rose Leaf Rag (A Ragtime Two-Step)00:04:37
7Pine Apple Rag00:03:24
8Fig Leaf Rag (A High Class Rag)00:04:51
9Sugar Cane (A Ragtime Two-Step)00:03:44
10Country Club (A Ragtime Two-Step)00:04:16
11Paragon Rag00:03:30
12Wall Street Rag00:04:45
13Euphonic Sounds (A Syncopated Novelty)00:03:02
14Solace (A Mexican Serenade)00:06:15
15Stoptime Rag00:02:39
16Scott Joplin's New Rag00:03:36
17Silver Swan Rag00:03:42
18Magnetic Rag00:03:40
CD 3
1The Crush Collision March00:04:25
2Harmony Club Waltz00:05:36
3Combination March00:03:14
4Swipesy Cake Walk00:03:32
5Augustan Club Waltz00:04:26
6Sunflower Slow Drag (Rag Time -Step)00:04:08
7Cleopha (March and Two-Step)00:03:12
8March Majestic (March and Two-Step)00:02:51
9Something Doing (Cake Walk March)00:04:26
10Bethena (A Concert Waltz)00:05:39
11Rosebud (Two-Step)00:02:48
12Bink's Waltz00:03:33
13Antoinette (March and Two-Step)00:03:01
14Heliotrope Bouquet (Slow Drag Two-Step)00:04:58
15Lily Queen (Ragtime Waltz)00:04:47
16Pleasant moments (Ragtime Waltz)00:03:32
17Felicity Rag ( Ragtime Two-Step)00:04:21
18Kismet Rag00:04:38