Dvorak:Geisterbraut - Macal/Westminster Sym.Choir/New Jersey
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2The clock has chimed00:04:42
3Alas! Where is my father gone?00:08:20
4The picture on the wall00:01:29
5Hey, my lass, here I come!00:04:13
6It was a night00:00:59
7And he leads the way00:02:42
8A fine night this is00:04:12
9He took her books from her00:01:25
10And he leads the way00:03:04
11A fine night this is00:04:38
12And so they flew00:04:45
13A fine night this is00:05:15
14There on a plain open and wide00:01:21
15Hey now, my lassie00:04:17
16At one go he leapt over the fence00:05:09
17And then, on the door00:04:15
18Holy Virgin, do stand by me00:05:46
19An Io, at this moment00:06:10