Suicide Squad/Ost Score - Price,Steven
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1Task Force X00:04:53
2Arkham Asylum00:03:24
3I'm Going to Figure this Out00:01:42
4You Make my Teeth Hurt00:02:31
5I Want to Assemble a Task Force00:02:52
6Brother Our Time has Come00:04:43
7A Serial Killer who Takes Credit Cards00:02:09
8A Killer App00:02:54
9That's How I Cut and Run00:03:09
10We Got a Job to Do00:01:41
11You Die We Die00:04:02
12Harley and Joker00:02:50
13This Bird is Baked00:04:42
14Hey Craziness00:04:02
15You Need a Miracle00:02:37
16Diablo's Story00:01:43
17The Squad00:03:58
18Are We Friends or are We Foes?00:04:16
19She's Behind You00:03:03
20One Bullet is all I Need00:03:32
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