Phantast.Tierwesen Und Wo Sie Zu Finden Sind/Ost - Newton Howard,James
Statt 18,99**

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  • Anzahl: 1 Audio CD
  • Anzahl: 1 Audio CD
  • Erscheinungstermin: 18. November 2016
  • Hersteller: Sony Music Entertainment,
  • EAN: 0889853852628
  • Artikelnr.: 46294619
1Main titles - Fantastic beasts and where to find them00:02:54
2There are witches among us / The bank / The niffler00:06:53
3Tina takes Newt in / MACUSA headquarters00:01:56
4Pie or Strudel / Escaping Queenie and Tina's place00:03:05
5Credence hands out leaflets00:02:03
6Inside the case00:09:08
7The erumpent00:03:28
8In the cells00:02:10
9Tina and Newt trial / Let's get the good stuff out / You're one of us now / Swooping evil00:07:59
10Gnarlak negotiations00:02:57
11The demiguise and the occamy00:04:06
12A close friend00:01:51
13The obscurus / Rooftop chase00:03:48
14He's listening to you Tina00:02:05
15Relieve him of his wand / Newt releases the Thunderbird / Jacob's farewell00:12:33
16Newt says goodbye to Tina / Jacob's bakery00:03:26
17End titles - Fantastic beasts and where to find them00:02:21