Justice League/Ost - Elfman,Danny
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CD 1
1Everybody Knows00:04:26
2The Justice League Theme - Logos00:00:48
3Hero's Theme00:04:18
4Batman on the Roof00:02:34
5Enter Cyborg00:02:00
6Wonder Woman Rescue00:02:44
7Hippolyta's Arrow00:01:16
8The Story of Steppenwolf00:03:00
9The Amazon Mother Box00:04:33
10Cyborg Meets Diana00:02:37
11Aquaman in Atlantis00:02:39
12Then There Were Three00:01:10
13The Tunnel Fight00:06:24
14The World Needs Superman00:01:00
15Spark of the Flash00:02:18
16Friends and Foes00:04:14
17Justice League United00:01:24
19Bruce and Diana00:01:06
20The Final Battle00:06:15
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CD 2
1The Tunnel Fight (Full Length Bonus Track)00:11:00
2The Final Battle (Full Length Bonus Track)00:12:59
3Mother Russia (Bonus Track)00:01:45