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  • Verlag: Springer Berlin
  • Erscheinungstermin: 19.02.2008
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  • ISBN-13: 9783540759850
  • Artikelnr.: 37371288

PART I COPYRIGHT AND DIGITISATION : Introduction.- The impact of digitisation on the desirability of copyright exceptions.- PART II EU DIGITAL COPYRIGHT LAW FROM THE END-USER PERSPECTIVE : Copyright harmonisation according to technological dictates.- The legal treatment of copyright exceptions under secondary EU law.- Digital copyright law: general policy issues under the EC Treaty.- PART III UNSETTLED ISSUES : Implications of sharing copyrighted works on the Internet.- Freedom of use vs. DRM Technology.- PART IV WORKING SOLUTIONS IN THE EU COPYRIGHT SYSTEM : Copyright policy alternatives for preserving end-user freedom of expression and information.- Conclusion: towards a better EU copyright law.- APPENDIX : Appendix I - Digital Rights Management: The Technological Scenario.- Appendix II - Examples of National Transposition of Article 6(4) of the Infosoc Directive.- Appendix III - Directive 2001/29/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 May 2001 on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society (Official Journal L 167, 22.06.2001, p.10-19).
From the reviews: "This book by Giuseppe Mazziotti draws on the contents of his PhD thesis. In general, it considers the intersection between copyright law and digital technologies. ... The formula of the book is uncomplicated yet effective. ... it is well sustained by a wide-ranging bibliography and reasonable index. ... is a worthy recommendation for law libraries. ... it will interest students and academics involved with copyright law and technological developments. It will also be of great interest for copyright lawmakers in the European Union [...]." (Ghufran Sukkaryeh, European Intellectual Property Review, Vol. 30 (II), 2008) "[...] useful [...] for anyone wanting to understand the workings and implications of the EU InfoSoc Directive, in effect Europe's DMCA. More important, Mazziotti points out that the InfoSoc Directive and the application of the 3-step test for exceptions have potentially gutted certain rights to make a private copy under the European private copying schema. Instead, he argues for more robust user-rights for both transformative and non-transformative uses. I support this conclusion." (David Lametti, book is clearly written and thus provides well-structured argumentation. ... Mazziotti makes recommendations on how the copyright law should be developed. ... Mazziotti's book offers an interesting approach to the European copyright debate. The author is well-informed and is able to skillfully describe the differences between different views." (Niklas Bruun, IPRinfo, Issue 5, 2009)…mehr
"La Direttiva  europea 2001/ 29/CE [...] ha inteso apprestare nuovi modi di tutela adattando le leggi sul diritto di autore  all'ambiente digitale [...] Lo studio del Mazziotti approfondisce i criteri di questa nuova regolamentazione e ne esamina le  conseguenze nel rapporto tra titolari di diritti di autore e diritti connessi ed utilizzatori finali delle opere. L'indagine si sviluppa attraverso vari capitoli nei quali si analizzano le problematiche del dilemma  dei limiti all'utilizzo lecito delle opere  tra tutela del copyright, eccezioni e limitazioni previste dalla Direttiva  e dal Trattato Ompi sul diritto di autore del 1996, disciplina della concorrenza, liberta¿ di espressione e di  informazione." (Mario Fabiani, IL DIRITTO DI AUTORE - Luglio-Settembre 2008 N. 3,