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Mark R. Miller (Tyler, Texas) is Professor of Industrial Technology and coordinator of that section of the Department of HRD & Technology at the University of Texas at Tyler. Dr. Miller teaches courses in construction for future middle managers and has authored or co-authored more than 35 technical books and many technical articles.
The most important leadership tool you have is not your education, your experience, or your know-how. It s your heart. In this book, Mark provides a clear prescription for using yours to become the kind of leader people want to follow.
Michael Hyatt, New York Times bestselling author and former CEO, Thomas Nelson Inc.

Mark once again demonstrates the power of a simple story well told. The Heart of Leadership will serve leaders around the world for decades to come.
Dr. Henry Cloud, leadership consultant, psychologist, and bestselling author of Boundaries and Necessary Endings

The Heart of Leadership is a delightfully surprising read. Mark Miller s wisdom shines in his ability to convey profound truths simply and clearly. This book propels leadership beyond strategies and techniques to its most authentic form who you are.
Dan Rockwell, author and owner of the Leadership Freak blog, consultant, and pastor

Mark Miller has crafted a masterwork. Too many books on leadership are about selfishly getting ahead. This book addresses the leader s heart. By addressing the heart, you do get ahead, but it s a more satisfying journey.
Nancy Duarte, author of Resonate and CEO, Duarte Designs

This book will help you reach your leadership potential, espousing good principles that most learn only through the school of hard knocks and many never learn at all.
Ron Wallace, former President, UPS International

Mark Miller has done it again! Another outstanding book this time on the most important aspect of leadership: who you are as a leader. If you focus only on skills, you are ignoring 90 percent of what makes a great leader.
Jesse Lyn Stoner, coauthor of the international bestseller Full Steam Ahead!

The Heart of Leadership addresses the primary stumbling block for leaders themselves! If you want to improve how you lead others, you must first improve how you lead yourself. This great little book shows you how.
Daniel S. Harkavy, CEO and Executive Coach, Building Champions, Inc.

"The Heart of Leadership extends and deepens the bestselling leadership models pioneered by Mark Miller. This book is clear, compelling, and of real practical value. Keep it on hand -- a small investment of time will yield a lifetime of dividends, in life as well as career.
Jeff Rosensweig, Associate Professor of International Business and Finance and Director of Emory University s Goizueta Business School and Global Perspectives Program

There's a difference between potential leaders with raw talent and great leaders with real influence. Mark's book reveals the foundational difference -- it's all about leadership character.
Tony Morgan, author, Chief Strategic Officer and founder of TonyMorganLive.com

Mark Miller s The Heart of Leadership immediately creates a place for personal discovery. As I read each page, I was no longer thinking of Blake the main character, but myself. Blake s journey of discovery became my own. This is about the life of leadership and how it reaches within and without having profound and long-lasting impact. It s about being unselfishly driven and highly motivated. It is about how others within the workplace and within our lives benefit from our personal resolve to lead from the perspective that others matter.
Clifton L. Taulbert, Author of Eight Habits of the Heart and President, The Freemount Corporation/Building Community Institute

There are so many buzzwords in business that claim to be the answer to all leadership woes. The truth is that leadership is all about the people, and to have success with people, read The Heart of Leadership, and watch your leadership soar to a whole new level.
Todd Nielsen, author and COO JMARK Business Solutions