Four Girls from Berlin: A True Story of a Friendship That Defied the Holocaust - Meyerhoff, Marianne
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A unique perspective on the Holocaust

A unique perspective on the Holocaust
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  • Gesamtlaufzeit: 501 Min.
  • Erscheinungstermin: 23. Juli 2020
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • ISBN-13: 9781662019685
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Marianne Meyerhoff is a writer, director, and producer. As one of the interviewers working for Stephen Spielberg on his oral-history project Survivors of the Shoah, her interest in her own family history ignited. After diving into her late mother's experiences, she compiled them into her first book, Four Girls from Berlin.
Acknowledgments. Prologue. 1 Glimpses of a Shattered Past. 2 The Past Disinterred. 3 Benny and Daddy. 4 Hands across the Holocaust. 5 A Tale of Til. 6 Erica in Berlin. 7 Lotte's Love. 8 Rena. 9 London. 10 Rena's Class and the Voyage of the St. Louis. 11 A New Direction. 12 " Wiedersehen ," Not Good-bye. 13 The Family Namgalies. 14 An Interview with Jochen. 15 An Interview with Erica. 16 Heidelberg. Epilogue.