Business Models for the Social Mobile Cloud: Transform Your Business Using Social Media, Mobile Internet, and Cloud Computing - Shelton, Ted
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Ted Shelton Managing Director, PwC Advisory, leads a social business consulting team focusing on the consumer, retail, and high-tech industries with PwC's Management Consulting Practice. He is an active blogger and industry thought leader on how corporations can better utilize social media and mobile technologies to manage and improve their brands, providing a deep understanding of the leading technology players currently changing the landscape of customer engagement for corporate America.
Preface: There's an App for That! xi Introduction: Turning Inside Out 1 PART I THE TECHNOLOGY OF THE SOCIAL MOBILE CLOUD 5 Chapter 1 A Remote Control for the World 7 The Three Technologies 7 Lessons from the History of the Internet 9 The History Lesson: Big Picture Thinkers Survive the Game 12 Build for the Social Mobile Cloud 15 The Time Is Now 16 Social Networking Is the Fastest Growing Technology Ever 17 The Cloud: The Connective Tissue 18 Buy a Smartphone Now 20 Chapter 2 Social Means Connected: Compete with Yourself
Collaborate with Others 23 The Social Network 24 Co-Creation 28 Compete with Yourself 29 Sign Up for a Social Network Today--on Your New Smartphone 30 Your Employees and Business Partners in Social Networks 32 Chapter 3 Mobile: The Great Untethering 35 The New Technical Capabilities 36 Connectivity 38 Reality Redefined: The Physical World with Data Overlay 40 Life Streaming: Access to a Photographic Memory 41 Cyborg 42 BYOD and the Consumerization of IT 43 Chapter 4 Plug Yourself into the Cloud 45 Four Key Technologies 45 Benefits of the Cloud Are Heavenly for Business 47 Drawbacks of the Cloud--Just Like Any Grid 48 Leveling the Playing Field 49 Plug Yourself into the Cloud 50 PART II HOW BUSINESS WILL BE CHANGED BY THE SOCIAL MOBILE CLOUD 51 Chapter 5 ADAPT: Adapting to Change 53 Technological Changes 53 At the Core of Today's Change: Transaction Cost Economics 56 Chapter 6 Persistent Digital Engagement: The New Digital Consumer 59 Customer Service Is the New Marketing 61 Connecting Digitally at the Physical Point of Sale 61 Embrace Transparency 63 Chapter 7 Digitization: The Rising Value of Information in Products and Services 65 Innovation Drivers 66 Wireless Sensors in Everything and Everywhere 67 Application Programming Interfaces for Everything 68 Software Is Everywhere 68 Chapter 8 Crowd Storming
Crowd Sourcing
Co-Creation 71 More People = Faster and Better Decisions 72 Group Collaboration = Faster and Better Outcomes 72 Extend Engagement and You Increase Value for Everyone 73 Chapter 9 Hierarchy Will Yield to Networks
Remaking Organizations 75 Seniority and Control of Information 75 Finding New Business Model Solutions 77 Chapter 10 How We Buy: Redefining Shopping and Payment 79 Business Model Shift 1: For Retailers
the Customer Is in Control 79 Business Model Shift 2: Pay from the Comfort of Your Own Phone 82 Business Model Shift 3: Corporate Currencies 85 Business Model Shift 4: Insuring Corporate Currencies 87 Business Model Shift 5: Accepting (Multicurrency) Mobile Payments 88 Business Model Shift 6: Transforming the Purchase Experience with Mobile Payments 89 Chapter 11 The Game of Work
the Work of Game 93 Business Model Shift 7: Turning Work into a Game 93 Business Model Shift 8: Data-Driven Decision Making and a Culture of Experimentation 97 Business Model Shift 9: Experience Is the Dominant Value 103 Chapter 12 Work and the Workplace Reimagined 105 Forces of Change 105 Business Model Shift 10: Dynamic Networked Social Sales and Support Staff 107 Business Model Shift 11: Workforce Collaboration to Improve Safety and Quality 110 Business Model Shift 12: Transparency and Openness 111 PART III UNDERSTANDING CHANGE: HOW TO ADAPT TO THE SOCIAL MOBILE CLOUD 117 Chapter 13 Understanding Change 119 Punctuated Equilibrium 120 Reinvention 121 Chapter 14 Undoing Our Resistance to Learning 123 HIDE 124 Trains
Record Players: The Cause of What ? 135 The Crucial Skills for Twenty-First-Century Success 136 Continuous Learning: You're Either Growing or Shrinking 137 Chapter 15 Systems Thinking 141 Looking at the Whole 141 Shifts in Focus 144 Tools to Assist with Optimizing Details 145 Interactive Data Visualization 147 Steps to Systems Thinking 148 Chapter 16 Decision Making 149 SAFE 149 Committing to Adapting 151 The Continuously Iterative Business Plan 153 Chapter 17 Seven Steps to Adaptability 155 Step 1: Why We Resist Change 155 Step 2: Embrace Data and Analytics 156 Step 3: Understand the Power of Social Collaboration 156 Step 4: Why We Resist Learning 156 Step 5: Use New Learning Tools 157 Step 6: Learn to Use Systems Thinking 157 Step 7: Decision Making 157 Afterword: Digital Transformation: What Will You and Your Business Look Like 10
50 Years from Now? 159 Appendix: PwC Thought Leadership on Social
Cloud (SMAC) 165 About the Author 217 Index 219