This Land Is Your Land - Guthrie,Woody
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CD 1
1The great dust storm (Dust storm disaster)00:03:20
2I ain't got no home00:02:46
3Talking dust bowl blues00:02:45
4Vigilante man00:03:24
5Dust can't kill me00:02:57
6Dust pneumonia blues00:02:42
7Blowin' down this road (I ain't gonna be treated this way)00:03:04
8Tom Joad [Part 1]00:03:30
9Tom Joad [Part 2]00:03:34
10Dust bowl refugee00:03:11
11Do re mi00:02:37
12Dusty old dust (So long it's been good to know you)00:03:09
13Pretty Boy Floyd00:03:09
14Dust bowl blues00:03:30
15Pastures of plenty00:02:29
16Jesus Christ00:02:46
17Hobo's lullaby00:02:27
18Hard, ain't it hard00:02:47
CD 2
1This land is your land00:02:19
2Hard Travelin'00:02:13
3John Henry00:02:46
4House Of The Rising Sun00:03:00
5What did the deep sea say?00:02:39
6Sinking of the Reuben James00:03:02
7Two Good Men00:03:49
8Talking Columbia00:02:31
9The Wreck Of The Old '9700:01:53
10Miner's Song00:02:12
11Bed on the floor00:02:25
12Gypsy Davy00:02:53
13We shall be free00:03:02
14Will you miss me?00:02:33
15Goodnight Little Arlo (Goodnight Little Darlin')00:03:20
16Ship in the sky00:02:35
17(Take me) Riding in my car (The car song)00:01:53