CD 1
1Turn! Turn! Turn!00:03:13
2Man Of Constant Sorrow00:03:07
3Where Have All The Flowers Gone?00:02:03
4Freight train blues00:02:18
5We shall overcome00:04:44
6Gospel now (Carnegie chapter hall, NYC, 4th Nov, 1961)00:03:20
7John Henry00:04:29
8Fixin' to die (Carnegie chapter hall, NYC, 4th Nov, 1961)00:03:31
9Delia's gone00:01:35
10Mean old southern railroad (Riverside Church NYC, July 1961)00:03:12
11Jesse James00:04:26
12Baby let me follow you down (Billy Fairer Show, Oct, 1961)00:03:22
13The false knight upon the road00:04:42
14Song to Woody (Carnegie chapter hall, NYC, 4th Nov, 1961)00:03:09
15Empty Pocket Blues00:01:27
16Poor Lazarus (Saturday of folk music, 29th July, 1961)00:04:39
17Casey Jones (The Union Scab)00:02:12
18A long time a growin' (Carnegie Chapter Hall, NYC, 4th Now, 1961)00:05:52
19Frankie and Johnny00:04:28
20Baby, please don't go00:02:11
CD 2
1Blowin' in the wind (Broadside Slow, May 1962)00:02:31
2If I Had A Hammer00:01:54
3Pretty Peggy-O00:03:24
4Kisses Sweeter Than Wine00:02:59
5Talking new York (Carnegie Chapter Hall, 4th Nov, 1961)00:03:26
6Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream00:02:30
7Handsome Molly (Saturday of folk music, 29th July, 1961)00:03:22
8John Hardy00:03:30
9Talkin' John Birch paranoid blues (Billy Faier Show, Oct, 1962)00:04:25
10Wabash cannonball00:03:03
11The girl I left behind (WNYC Radio Studio, NYC, 29th Oct, 196)00:04:16
12Pittsburgh town00:01:25
13Blackwater blues (Carnegie Chapter Hall, NYC, 4th Nov, 1961)00:04:49
14The wreck of the old '9700:01:52
15Hard travel (Folksinger's Choice, 11th March, 1961)00:03:37
16Sixty per cent00:01:01
17Man on the street (Riverside church, NXC, July, 1961)00:02:26
18Yankee Doodle00:01:38
19Sally gal (Folk song festival, 29th Oct, 1961)00:02:05
20Living in the country00:02:13