Rough Guide To Country Legends: Jimmie Rodgers - Jimmie Rodgers
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  • Anzahl: 2 Audio CDs
  • Erscheinungstermin: 12. Juli 2013
  • Hersteller: Harmonia Mundi,
  • EAN: 0605633127423
  • Artikelnr.: 39056542
1Mule Skinner blues (Blue Yodel No.8)00:03:00
2Somewhere Down Below The Mason Dixon Line00:02:58
3Frankie And Johnny00:02:53
4Waiting For A Train00:02:46
5Any old time00:02:51
6Why There's A Tear In My Eye00:03:11
7My blue-eyed Jane00:02:48
8In the jailhouse now No. 100:02:56
9In the hills of Tennessee00:03:05
10T.B. Blues00:03:05
11Away Out On The Mountain00:03:19
12Dear old sunny south by the sea00:02:50
13Blue Yodel No. 1 (T is for Texas)00:03:25
14Miss The Mississippi And You00:02:57
15Ben Dewberry's Final Run00:03:31
16I'm lonely & blue00:03:11
17Jimmie Rodger's last blue yodel00:03:22
18When The Cactus Is In Bloom00:03:15
19My Little Old Home (Down In New Orleans)00:03:04
20Gambling Bar Room Blues00:03:26
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1Keep On The Sunny Side00:02:50
2I Am Bound For The Promised Land00:03:14
3Black-eyed Susie00:02:57
4Chevrolet car00:03:09
5Little rabbit00:03:01
6Sweet Sarah blues00:03:01
7Sweet sixteen00:02:52
8The Wagoner's Lad00:03:03
9My name is Ticklish Reuben00:02:44
10Ash Can Blues00:02:58
11Death of John Henry (Steel driving man)00:03:01
12All night long blues00:03:15
13Pretty Polly00:04:30
14Miss 'Liza, Poor Gal00:02:40
15Worried blues00:03:22
16It ain't gonna rain no mo'00:02:57
17Sugar Baby00:02:59
18Sandy River belle00:03:31
19Goodnight darling00:02:34
20Gonna swing on the golden gate00:02:56
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