Ride This Train - Johnny Cash
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  • Audio CD

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  • Anzahl: 2 Audio CDs
  • Anzahl: 2 Audio CDs
  • Erscheinungstermin: 21. Januar 2011
  • Hersteller: Collector's Mine,
  • EAN: 5060143493881
  • Artikelnr.: 32758172
CD 1
1Loading Coal ("Ride This Train")00:05:03
2Slow rider ("Ride this train")00:04:14
3Lumberjack ("Ride this train")00:03:07
4Dorraine Of Ponchartrain ("Ride This Train")00:04:50
5Going To Memphis ("Ride This Train")00:04:25
6When Papa Played The Dobro ("Ride This Train")00:02:58
7Boss Jack ("Ride this train")00:04:00
8Old Doc Brown ("Ride This Train")00:04:12
9Loading Coal ("Ride This Train" Without Spoken Intro)00:02:16
10Slow rider ("Ride this train" without Spoken Intro)00:02:41
11Lumberjack ("Ride this train" without Spoken Intro)00:01:50
12Dorraine of ponchartrain ("Ride this train" without Spoken Intro)00:03:40
13Going To Memphis ("Ride This Train" Without Spoken Intro)00:03:11
14When Papa Played The Dobro ("Ride This Train" Without Spoken Intro)00:01:42
15Boss Jack ("Ride this train" without Spoken Intro)00:01:41
16Old Doc Brown ("Ride This Train" Without Spoken Intro)00:02:58
17The ballad of boot hill00:03:50
18Remember the alamo00:02:28
19Smiling Bill McCall00:02:07
20The Ballad Of Boot Hill (Without Spoken Intro)00:02:35
CD 2
1Seasons of my heart00:02:32
2I feel better all over00:02:05
3I couldn't keep from crying00:02:09
4Time changes everything00:01:50
5My shoes keep walking back to you00:02:24
6I'd Just Be Fool Enough (To Fall)00:02:07
7transfusion blues00:02:33
8Why Do You Punish Me (For Loving You)00:02:19
9I will miss you when you go00:02:02
10I'm so lonesome I could cry00:02:40
11Just one more00:02:14
12Honky-Tonk Girl00:01:59
13The rebel - Johnny Yuma00:01:52
14Second honeymoon00:01:56
15I heard that lonesome whistle00:02:25
16Down the street to 30100:02:04
17Locomotive man00:02:49
18The great speckle bird00:02:09
20Girl in saskatoon00:02:14