Swordsmen of Gor - Norman, John

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<DIV>John Norman, born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1931, is the creator of the Gorean Saga, the longest-running series of adventure novels in science fiction history. Starting in&#160;December 1966 with&#160;<I>Tarnsman of Gor</I>, the series was put on hold after its twenty-fifth installment,&#160;<I>Magicians of Gor</I>, in 1988, when DAW refused to publish its successor,&#160;<I>Witness of Gor</I>. After several unsuccessful attempts to find a trade publishing outlet, the series was brought back into print in 2001. Norman has also produced a separate, three-installment science fiction series, the Telnarian Histories, plus two other fiction works (<I>Ghost Dance</I>&#160;and&#160;<I>Time Slave</I>), a nonfiction paperback (<I>Imaginative Sex</I>), and a collection of thirty short stories, entitled&#160;<I>Norman Invasions</I>.&#160;<I>The Totems of Abydos&#160;</I>was published in spring 2012.&#160;<BR /><BR /> All of Norman&rsquo;s work is available both in print and as ebooks. The Internet has proven to be a fertile ground for the imagination of Norman&rsquo;s ever-growing fan base, and at Gor Chronicles&#160;(www.gorchronicles.com), a website specially created for his tremendous fan following, one&#160;may read everything there is to know&#160;about this unique fictional culture.&#160;<BR /><BR /> Norman is married and has three children.</DIV>