Transnational Homosexuals in Communist Poland (eBook, PDF) - Szulc, Lukasz
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1 Introduction: A Sexual Cold War and Its Myths1.1  Myths and No History1.2  Unde Venis, CEE?1.3  Book Structure   PART I: GLOBAL, EASTERN AND POLISH HOMOSEXUALS 2 Globalization of LGBT Identities and Politics 2.1 Global LGBT Identities2.2 Global LGBT Politics2.3 The Impact of HIV/AIDS2.4 Postcolonial and Transnational Responses2.5 The Forgotten Second World2.6 Conclusion 3 Homosexuality in the Eastern Bloc3.1 EEIP Reports3.2 Communism as They Knew It3.3 State Laws and Practices 3.4 Homosexuality in Public Discourses3.5 Homosexual Self-Organizing3.6 Conclusion 4 Homosexual Activism in Communist Poland4.1 The State, Opposition and Church4.2 Homosexuality before 19804.3 Early 1980s: Transnational Origins4.4 Mid 1980s: Operation Hyacinth4.5 Late 1980s: Demands for Recognition4.6 Conclusion PART II: TRANSNATIONALISM IN GAY AND LESBIAN MAGAZINES 5 Polish Gay and Lesbian Magazines<5.1 Alternative Media and Social Movements5.2 Transnational Network of Gay and Lesbian Magazines5.3 Publishing Underground in Communist Poland5.4 Biuletyn/Etap Magazine5.5 Filo Magazine5.6 Conclusion 6 (Re)constructing Identities6.1 Born This Way6.2 Out and Proud6.3 The Romantic Self6.4 The Sexual Self6.5 The Collective Self6.6 Conclusion 7 (Re)building Politics7.1 Making an Activist7.2 Writing Histories7.3 Vision for the Movement7.4 Visibility Politics7.5 Information Activism7.6 Conclusion  8 Conclusion<8.1 Rusted Pink Curtain8.2 Networked Sexual Globalization8.3 Hoax Queer Wars  Timeline Index 
"Lukasz Szulc's monograph is the opening volume of a new book series called Global Queer Politics. ... Szulc's book primarily seems to address readers and scholars who are active in the globalizing field of LGBTQ studies ... . Its particular appeal for Polonists and Slavists, in turn, lies in the author's careful and well-documented analysis of the homosexuality-related adaptive and adoptive attitudes and strategies as proposed by the two Polish magazines under discussion." (Kris Van Heuckelom, The Polish Review, Vol. 64 (2), 2019)

"The book is more likely to be of interest to LGBT and media scholars than to magazine teachers and researchers, but I can imagine it serving as the catalyst for some fascinating dissertations and published research on pre-1989 zines in Central and Eastern Europe. ... the book could serve to fill gaps in knowledge about a life that some of us may have experienced personally but understood only incompletely and one-sidedly." (Miglena Sternadori, Journal of Magazine Media, Vol. 19 (1), 2019)

"Szulc mentions the broader context of east central Europe, yet focuses mainly on Poland. This is understandable, a comparative project would require a group of scholars with different linguistic abilities; ... . The most original and elsewhere unavailable parts of the book are analyses of the east European Information Pool reports ... ." (Piotr Sobolczyk, Slavic Review, Vol. 78, 2019)
"Throughout the book, Szulc amasses and interprets a diverse, astonishingly rich selection of resources. ... Szulc's book is a much-needed introduction to an emerging field of study - a reliable source of diverse historical records, a go-to volume when researching aspects of homosexuality in communist Eastern Europe and, in itself, certainly a fascinating story." (Aleksandra Gajowy, LSE Review of Books,, December, 2017)…mehr