Thomas Paine and the French Revolution (eBook, PDF) - Lounissi, Carine
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1. Introduction.- Part One : The Revolution of 1789 in Rights of Man: republican or democratic revolution?.- 2. Debating the legitimacy of the French Revolution.- 3. Narrating the French Revolution.- Part Two : Paine and the creation of the French republic (May 1791 - December 1793).- 4. Varennes and Le Républicain.- 5. From the post-Varennes crisis to the proclamation of the French republic.- 6. Louis XVI's trial : representation vs. sovereignty.- 7. The Constitution of 1793.- 8. Paine's first "Girondin" moment?.- Part Three: Paine, critic or propagandist of the French Republic? (January 1794-September 1802).- 9. Paine in Thermidor (November 1794-August 1795).- 10. Paine in the Republic of the Year III (September 1795 - November 1799).- 11. Bonaparte's France and the end of the Revolution.- 12. Conclusion.- Index