The Struggles of Identity, Education, and Agency in the Lives of Undocumented Students (eBook, PDF) - Chang, Aurora
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1. Introduction2. Undocumented to Hyperdocumented - A Jornada of Papers, Protection, and PhD Status 3. Privileged and Undocumented: Toward a Borderland Love Ethic 4. Undocumented Intelligence: Laying Low by Achieving High-An "Illegal Alien's" Co-Option of School and Citizenship 5. Figured Worlds and American Dreams: An Exploration of Agency and Identity Among Undocumented Students 6. Doing Good and Doing Damage: Educators' Impact on Undocumented Latinx Students' Lives 7. Working with Undocumented Students - What They Say We Need to Know 8. Academic Agency and the Burden of Perfectionism