The Slow Evolution of Foster Care in Australia (eBook, PDF) - Musgrove, Nell; Michell, Deidre
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1. Introduction: There is no typical story of foster care.- Part I: Looking for the 'care' in foster care.- 2. Did anybody care? The death of John Wood Pledger.- 3. Making and breaking families.- 4. Remembering and forgetting foster care.- 5.They're just doing it for the money.- Part II: Shaping the lives of the invisible children of the state.- 6. Foster care-philosophies, rhetoric and practices.- 7. Rediscovering foster care.- 8. Writing to heal-the emergence of foster care in literature.- 9. Are we getting better at this?.- 10. Conclusion: What can history tell us about the future of foster care?.- Index
"The Slow Evolution of Foster Care in Australia covers the period from the advent of regulated foster care in the mid-nineteenth century to the present day. ... The Slow Evolution of Foster Care in Australia should be required reading for everyone involved in the field of child welfare, for the salutary lessons it provides from both the past and, lamentably, the present." (Jacqueline Z. Wilson, Australian Historical Studies, Vol. 50 (1), 2019)