The Mindful Marketer (eBook, PDF) - Nirell, Lisa
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  • Erscheinungstermin: 29. September 2014
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Section 1 1. Why CMOs Are Facing Extinction Ten troubling trends provide a unique opportunity for marketing leaders to change course and adapt. 2. The Dark Side of Data Democracy The Web fosters a level of transparency that we have never seen. Who can you-and your customers-trust? 3. Going DIM: Can You See (or Hear) Me Now? The pervasive Digital Intrusion Movement (DIM) tempts us to let technology dictate our every move. What unique, fleeting life experiences are we missing? 4. Return on Marketing Investments: A Flight Risk? Expanded budget authority does not give marketing leaders license to fly at unsafe speeds. Here are 3 common obstacles. 5. Big Data, or Big Disappointments? Analytics could miss half of what customers are saying online. Where is the balance between data and wisdom? 6. Marketing and Sales: A Hard Landing 3 areas create the most friction between sales and marketing: Data, Roles, and Content. 7. Multitasking Mashups and Mishaps Information overload and multitasking erode productivity and quality of life. Here's the research to prove it, and ways to eradicate these habits. Section 2 8. Find Your Inner Marketing Guru to Make Better Decisions Experts encourage marketers to do more, I suggest you need to be more. These 7 mindfulness precepts will help. 9. Western Mindfulness: A Brief Journey These mindfulness practices provide true refuge when we lose our balance and focus. Which one resonates with you? 10. Five Timeless Qualities of Mindful Marketers Acceptance, aliveness, articulate, aggregation, and adaptable-the traits that help you find your true nature and Inner Marketing Guru. 11. Personal Energy Management Personal energy field management is not some New Age pablum. It's what separates exhausted marketing leaders from vibrant ones. 12. The Power of Present Moment Language Intentional, empathic leaders know what areas they can and cannot influence. This clarity allows them to communicate and persuade with greater ease. 13. Mindful Planning and Decision Making Mindfulness represents fresh ingredients in our marketing leadership recipe; critical thinking is the Mason jar. Critical thinking fuels career longevity. 14. Designing with Intention Ways to incorporate intentionality into our work environments-where innovation often emerges. Subtle design shifts fosters empathy, focus, and productivity. Section 3 15. Peer Groups: How Shifts Really Happen Do you rely mostly on Klout scores and 'likes' to guide your career journey, or on a personal force field of trusted peers?(hint: Facebook fatigue is only the beginning). 16. What the CEO Wants The CMO to Know Modern marketers, fluent in content, media and analytics, often speak Greek. These are 3 essential qualities to engage with your CEO in plain English. 17. CFO-Speak: Mindful Marketing By the Numbers CFOs are often a key business partner to the CEO. You need these 5 steps to attain financial fluency and alignment with your CFO. 18. The CMO and CIO: Crossing the Raging River On the raging river of IT and marketing discontent, it can be tough to find common ground. Here is how to stay afloat and row together. 19. Sales and Marketing: Rethinking the System 4 strategies to close the gap between sales and marketing, inspired by systems thinking and Martin Luther King. 20. Looking Inside to Work Outside Are your leadership approaches consistent with all external stakeholders? 5 marketers share strategies to build powerful, mindful external relationships. 21. Starting the Revolution What will fuel your mindful marketing revolution? Includes a reference chart to guide customer-centered marketing strategies. 22. Minding the Future Mindful marketers constantly make room for their true brilliance to shine, and to create or discover new opportunities. These 6 trends are worth watching.
"In this fast-paced, high powered, tech-driven economy, mindfulness is a competitive advantage. In The Mindful Marketer, Lisa Nirell helps you align hearts, minds, and actions. This is the secret sauce to connecting with customers." - Guy Kawasaki, Chief evangelist of Canva, former chief evangelist of Apple

"Read this book, love it, do what needs doing, and then secretly hide the best and most important lessons you learn here in other people's "numbers" marketing Be the secret revolution." - Chris Brogan, New York Times bestselling author and publisher

"Reading The Mindful Marketer will not only assure a more effective, relevant, and inspired marketing organization in the future; it will also set the groundwork for a more creative and successful present. Brilliant!" - Marshall Goldsmith, author of The New York Times global bestseller What Got You Here Won't Get You There

"The Mindful Marketer not only outlines the primary causes of anxiety in today's volatile marketing organizations, but it also provides a clear roadmap to mindfully navigating these uncertain times. Lisa's message is timely, holistic, and powerful!" - Chip Conley, Founder of Joie de Vivre Hotels, Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy of Airbnb, and bestselling author

"The world needs more mindful marketers! Lisa's book builds a solid case for why calmness, insight, and adaptability will prevail in today's crazy-busy economy." - Jill Konrath, author of Agile Selling and Snap Selling

"Lisa Nirell gives marketers the secret map to navigate the dangerous new field of big data. This book gives markets a chance to use big data rather than it using them!" - Jeffrey Hayzlett, Primetime TV Show Host, Bestselling Author, and Sometimes Cowboy

"While self-expression is the true driver of social media today, self-reflection is equally important. Lisa's book outlines the qualities and habits of mindful marketers who know how to convert fans into lifelong clients." - Shama Hyder, CEO of Marketing Zen Group, and author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing