The Intellectual Origins of the Belgian Revolution (eBook, PDF) - Marteel, Stefaan
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Chapter 1. Introduction.- Part I: Liberals.- Chapter 2. Political Debates in the Wake of the Declaration of the Constitution: The Legitimacy Problem and the Origins of a Liberal Opposition.- Chapter 3. Opposition against National Uniformity and for Limited Government.- Chapter 4. Monarchical Government, Opposition and a Divided Political Nation.- Part II: Catholics.- Chapter 5. Political Catholicism in the Southern Netherlands between the Old Regime and the Restoration, 1787-1815.- Chapter 6. Ancient and Modern Rights: Continuity and Discontinuity in Catholic Political Thought, 1814-1830.- PART III: Revolutionaries.- Chapter 7. A Union of Catholicism and Liberalism.- Chapter 8. The Reception of French Catholic Philosophy within Belgian Catholicism: Towards a New Intellectual Matrix.- Chapter 9. Towards Belgian Nationalism and a National Revolution.- Chapter 10. The Belgian Constitution and Post-Revolutionary Politics in the Context of the History of Political Thought.- Index