The Forgotten Years of Kurdish Nationalism in Iran (eBook, PDF) - Vali, Abbas
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1. Introduction: Modernity and the Emergence of Popular Politics in Iranian Kurdistan (Rojhelat)
2. The Restoration of Sovereign Order and the Kurdish Resistance
3. The Revival of the Nationalist Movement
4. Coup d'etat and Exile
5. Armed Action in Rojhelat
6. The Rise of the Left and Search for a New Identity
7. The Formation and Structure of the Komalay Shoreshgeri Zahmatkeshani Kurdistani Eran (The Revolutionary Association of the Toilers of Iranian Kurdistan)
8. The Revolutionary Rupture and the Political Field in Rojhelat: A Brief Survey
9. Conclusions: Genealogy of Violence: Sovereign Domination and Kurdish Resistance
10. Epilogue