The Church and the State in France, 1789-1870 (eBook, PDF) - Price, Roger
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Chapter 1. Introduction.- Part I The Shock of Revolution, 1789-1848.- Chapter 2. Revolution and Empire: reconstructing the Church, 1789-1815.- Chapter 3. Restoration and Revolution, 1814-48.- Chapter 4. The Challenge of Democracy, 1848-1852.- Chapter 5. The Turn towards Counter-Revolution.- Part II Religion and Politics during the Second Empire, 1852-70.- Chapter 6. An Authoritarian Alliance, 1851-59.- Chapter 7. The Roman Question.- Chapter 8. Conflict over Education.- Chapter 9. The Search for a New Equilibrium: towards the liberal Empire, 1859-70.- Chapter 10. General Conclusion.- Appendices.- Index.
"The Church and the State in France combines archival research with a very useful synthesis of the considerable secondary literature in this field. As such, the work offers a solid overview of Church-State relations after 1789, though the narrative ends rather abruptly with the proclamation of the Third Republic in 1870." (Laura O'Brien, Journal of Ecclesiastical History, Vol. 71 (2), 2020)