The Charlie Hebdo Affair and Comparative Journalistic Cultures (eBook, PDF) - Eko, Lyombe
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1 Introduction: The Charlie Hebdo Affair as a Global "Meta-Media Event"Part I Theoretical and Historical Approaches
2 Journalistic (Battle)fields, Cultures, Mentalities, and Proximities3 Charlie Hebdo and French Collective Memory: Origins of the Right to Caricature4 Genesis of the Charlie Hebdo Affair: The Clash of Human Rights and Religious RitesPart II The Charlie Hebdo Affair: Case Studies in Journalism and Comparative Establishmentalities5 The Charlie Hebdo Affair, Freedom of Expression, and Apologia for Terrorism Under French Law6 The Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack and European Journalistic Solidarity (with Lea Hellmueller)7 The Charlie Hebdo Affair in the Journalistic Field of the United Kingdom8 The Charlie Hebdo Affair in Turkey: Balancing Human Rights and Religious Rites9 The Charlie Hebdo Affair and the Right to Take Offense: Religious Sensibilities Versus Freedom of Expression in India10 The Charlie Hebdo Affair in Three African Journalistic Fields11 The Charlie Hebdo Affair and Transnational Solidarity in three Journalistic Battle(fields) of Latin America12 The Charlie Hebdo Affair in the American Journalistic Field13 One Country, Two Journalistic Cultures: The Charlie Hebdo Affair in the Bi-cultural Journalistic Field of Canada14 Afterword and Afterthoughts