Teaching Business Discourse (eBook, PDF) - Ilie, Cornelia; Nickerson, Catherine; Planken, Brigitte
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Part I: An Introduction to Teaching Business Discourse.- Chapter 1. What is Business Discourse Teaching.- Chapter 2. The Future of Business Discourse Teaching.- Chapter 3. Research Methodologies and Business Discourse Teaching.- Part II: Projects & Materials.- Chapter 4. Research and Client-based projects.- Chapter 5. Consultancy-based projects.- Chapter 6. Business Discourse Teaching Materials.- Part III: Business Discourse at the Practice-Classroom Interface.- Chapter 7. Learners and Business Discourse Learning Outcomes.- Chapter 8. Interviews with Business Discourse Teachers.- Chapter 9. Case Studies in Teaching.- Part IV: A Guide to Resources for Business Discourse Teaching.- Chapter 10. A Guide to Resources for Business Discourse Teaching.

"Teaching Business Discourse is an undoubtedly engaging book for teachers, researchers and other Higher Education stakeholders in this teaching and research field." (Candela Contero Urgal, ESP Today, Vol. 8 (1), 2020)