Syntactic n-grams in Computational Linguistics (eBook, PDF) - Sidorov, Grigori
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Preface.- Introduction.- PART I. VECTOR SPACE MODEL IN THE ANALYSIS OF SIMILARITY BETWEEN TEXTS.- Chapter 1. Formalization in computational linguistics.- Chapter 2. Vector space model.- Chapter 3. Vector space model for texts and the tf-idf measure.- Chapter 4. Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA): reduction of dimensions.- Chapter 5. Design of experiments in computational linguistics.- Chapter 6. Example of application of n-grams: authorship attribution using n-grams of syllables.- PART II. NON-LINEAR CONSTRUCTION OF N-GRAMS.- Chapter 7. Syntactic n-grams: the concept.- Chapter 8. Types of syntactic n-grams according to their components.- Chapter 9. Continuous and non-continuous syntactic n-grams.- Chapter 10. Metalanguage of syntactic n-grams representation.- Chapter 11. Examples of construction of non-continuous syntactic n-grams.- Chapter 12. Automatic analysis of authorship using syntactic n-grams.- Chapter 13. Filtered n-grams.- Chapter 14. Generalized n-grams.