Structural Injustices in Swedish Education (eBook, PDF) - Beach, Dennis
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1.The Myth of Swedish Education Equity.2.Education Differentiation Within Contemporary Globalization: A Meta-ethnographic Analysis of the Conferral of Power and Status in Modern Education Systems.3.Performativity, Creativity and Personalised Learning.4.Twelve Years of Upper-Secondary Education in Sweden: The Beginnings of a Neo-Liberal Policy Hegemony?.5.Social Class Stereotypes in Upper-Secondary School.6.Higher Education Expansion and Student Choices: A Critical Analysis.7.A Meta-ethnography of Research on Education Justice and Inclusion in Sweden with a Focus on Territorially Stigmatised Areas.8.Education Markets and Inequalities.9.Conclusions: Reconsidering Sweden's International Contemporary Recognition and Historical Standing in Regard to Matters of Educational Justice and Equity