Statistical Remedies for Medical Researchers (eBook, PDF) - Thall, Peter F.
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1 Why Bother With Statistics?.- 2 Frequentists and Bayesians.- 3 Knocking Down the Straw Man.- 4 Science and Belief.- 5 The Perils of P-values.- 6 Flipping Coins.- 7 All Mixed Up.- 8 Sex, Biomarkers, and Paradoxes.- 9 Crippling New Treatments.- 10 Just Plain Wrong.- 11 Getting Personal.- 12 Multistage Treatment Regimes.- References.
"This is an excellent book ... written primarily for medical researchers and statisticians working in the medical research sector. ... I'd conclude by extending my hearty congratulations to the author for contributing such a wonderful volume to the biostatistics literature." (Bibhas Chakraborty, International Statistical Review, Vol. 88 (3), 2020)

"This book can be recommended to a statistician that is starting a career in drug development and pharma research, or a statistician in this area willing to receive some food for thought and foster critical thinking." (ISCB News,, Issue 70, December, 2020)