Smart(er) Investing (eBook, PDF) - Basilico, Elisabetta; Johnsen, Tommi
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Section I: How to Read and Evaluate Academic Research Chapter 1: What Constitutes Good Investment Research?Chapter 2: A Roadmap to Reading an Academic Article Section II: The Best Investing IdeasSection II.A Best Ideas from Quantitative FinanceChapter 3: Index Investing: It Makes Active Management Better Chapter 4: Factor Investing: Challenging the Market Index with Smart Beta ProductsChapter 5: Multi-Asset Investing: Challenging the Industry Obsession with AlphaChapter 6: Tail Risk Hedging: It is an Asset Allocation Decision Section II.B Best ideas from Social FinanceChapter 7: Responsible Investing: Deep Roots in the Values of Western SocietyChapter 8: Equity and Rewards-Based Crowdfunding: A Potential Disrupter Section II.C Best Innovative IdeasChapter 9: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: A Revolution in Investment ManagementChapter 10: Cryptocurrencies:  A Fledgling Asset Class, but It's Too Early to Tell  Chapter 11: Women in Finance: What Does the Research Show?
"In Smart(er) Investing: How Academic Insights Propel the Savvy Investor, University of Denver professors Elisabetta Basilico ... and Tommi Johnsen, PhD, (retired) provide a field guide to identifying quality research that enables those outside the ivory tower to incorporate proven ideas into the practice of investment management. ... Smart(er) Investing will improve readers' critical thinking about research and equip them to employ only the best academic insights in their work in the financial markets." (J. Christopher Hughen, Enterprising Investor, July 10, 2020)
"This is an excellent and worthwhile read. ... The work in this book is important as investment management becomes yet another victim of information overload. There is simply too much material for any mere mortal to go through and valuable information can become lost in the shuffle, while misinformation can spread. Accurate summaries from trustworthy sources are a much needed response to the expanse of data, and youcan find that conveniently in 'Smart(er) Investing.'" (Zachary Simon, JOIM, Journal of Investment Management, Vol. 18 (2), 2020)
"A new book dives into this research (while being immensely readable): 'Smart(er) Investing: How Academic Insights Propel the Savvy Investor,' by Elisabetta Basilico of Applied Quantitative Analysis and Tommi Johnsen of the University of Denver's Reiman School of Finance ... . The book compiles investment ideas tied to recent studies ... in which the authors use a myriad of studies to reveal the differences between men and women in finance, where women excel in this field, and how firms can correct issues of imbalance." (Ginger Szala, ThinkAdvisor, January 29, 2020)…mehr