Science, Museums and Collecting the Indigenous Dead in Colonial Australia (eBook, PDF) - Turnbull, Paul
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1: Introduction: 'To What Strange Uses'.- 2: European Anatomists and Indigenous Australian Bodily Remains, c. 1788-1820.- 3: Skeletal Collecting before Darwin.- 4: Indigenous Remains in British Anatomical and Ethnographic Discourse, 1810-1850.- 5: The Indigenous Body and British Polygenists, 1820-1880.- 6: 'Rare Work for the Professors': Phrenologists and the Australian Skull, c. 1815-1860.- 7: Colonial Museums and the Indigenous Dead, c. 1830-1874.- 8: 'Judicious Collectors', 1870-1914.- 9: 'Tales of Blood and Mummies': The Queensland Museum, 1870-1914 .- 10: Anthropological Collecting and Colonial Violence in Late Nineteenth Century Australia.- 11. Indigenous Australians' Defence of the Ancestral Dead.- 12: Repatriation and Its Critics.- 13: Conclusion.