Regime Dynamics in EU's Eastern Neighbourhood (eBook, PDF) - Buscaneanu, Sergiu
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  • Erscheinungstermin: 4. Januar 2017
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I. Introduction
1. "The Elephant" and Democracy Promotion2. Method3. Argument4. Relevance of the Book5. Structure of the Book
II. The External Dimension of Democratisation
1. Domestic vs. External Factors2. Promoting or Demoting Democracy?3. External Factors of Democracy Promotion4. Zooming In: EU Deomcracy Promotion5. Conclusions: The External Dimensions
III. Theoretical Knowledge and Democratisation1. The Object of Study2. Analytical Framework3. From Theoretical Knowledge to Indicators4. Analytical Model5. Method6. Conclusions: Theoretical Knowledge
IV. EU Democracy Promotion1. EU Democracy: Promotion Discourse2. Conditionality and Socialisation under the ENP3. EU and Regime Dynamics in Eastern Neighbourhood4. ENP Action Plans5. Conclusions: EU Democracy Promotion
V. International Influences1. Leverage of (Non-EU) Democratic West vs. Russia2. Linkage with (Non-EU) Democratic West vs. Russia3. Democratic Diffusion4. Conclusions: International Influence

VI. Domestic Contexts1. Cost-Benefit of Rule Transfer
2. Structural Determinants3. Institutional Determinants4. Actor-related Determinants5. Conclusions: Domestic Contexts
VII. Synergetic Effects of Domestic, EU and International Factors1. Configurational Logic2. Configurational Logic vs. Case Studies and Argument3. Probabilistic Logic4. Conclusions: Synergistic Effects
VIII. Conclusions1. Results and Argument2. Theoretical and Policy Implications3. Methodological Implications