Producing History in Spanish Civil War Exhumations (eBook, PDF) - Aragüete-Toribio, Zahira
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Chapter 1 - The Archive, the Story and the Mass Grave.- Chapter 2 - Contesting Silence, Reclaiming Historical Memory in Contemporary Spain.- Chapter 3 - Visions of War and Postwar History in Extremadura.- Chapter 4 - Exhuming the Body of the Unknown.- Chapter 5 - Exhuming Familial Remains.- Chapter 6 - The Affective Life of Violence.- Chapter 7 - Reburial and Commemoration.- Chapter 8 - The Exhumation as Emerging Archive.- Index
"In this timely volume, Zahira Aragüete-Toribio examines civil society forensic exhumations of Spanish Civil War dead in Extremadura, the region of western Spain where the author grew up. ... a major ethnographic contribution to the ways forensic science prompts new historical imaginations in the twenty-first century. Anthropologists, human rights scholars, and anyone interested in the increasingly contested terrain of historical production will find many provocative insights throughout this compelling text." (Jonah S. Rubin, EuropeNow,, October, 2018)