Predator Recognition in Birds (eBook, PDF) - Fuchs, Roman; Veselý, Petr; Nácarová, Jana
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1 What do we know about predator recognition by untrained birds?.- 1.1 The study of predator recognition (How to make birds respond in etho-ecological experiments - to show that they recognized the predator - nest defense, feeder experiments, laboratory experiments...).- 1.2 Evidence for predator recognition ability (What predator categories birds recognize - predator vs. non-predator, aerial vs. terrestrial predators, individual predator species...).- 1.3 Tools used for predator recognition (What cues bird use for predator recognition - sign stimuli, coloration, size...).- 2 What can the recognition experiments with trained pigeons tell?.- 2.1 Category discrimination and concepts formation (How do birds form categories of predators - memorizing vs. generalization vs. conceptualization...).- 2.2 Object recognition (What cues birds use for predator recognition - particulate feature theory vs. recognition by components, local vs. global features...).- 2.3 Other cognitive processes (Are we able to reveal other cognitive processes in predator recognition by birds - amodal completion, priming...).